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  Tiberius Algorithms include neural nets, regression splines and logistic regression. Demo version is fully functioning with no time restrictions.
The current version is released on
  Tiberius for Excel A neat little neural net developed completely in Excel. Ideal for students/researchers who want to develop their own applications but need a kick start with a bit of code in an easy development environment.

  Source code FREE multilayer perceptron source code in several languages including MATLAB, C#, C++, C, Fortran, Perl, Java, PHP and VBA. This will get you started if you want to code your own neural networks. Also optimisation source code based on genetic algorithms.

  Algorithm proof A derivation of the popular neural network backpropagation learning algorithm.

  Resources Where to look on the web for neural network and data analysis information.

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'The more I use your software the more cool it becomes. I like how easy it is to use from the start, now it is almost automatic. I've tried just about every NN package out there and they all seem more interested in eye candy and making it seem scientific. So much so that getting the stuff to run is about impossible. Thanks.'

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